Poem By Valerie Dohren

Cradled deep in my mother`s womb
My soul and hers entwined
With each heart beating soft and low
Two lives in one combined

I heard the murmur of her voice
And felt her gently sway
As tenderly she carried me
Within her through each day

She bore me as a mother will
In joyfulness and pain
And held me close against her breast
My life there to sustain

And though my newborn eyes were dim
My senses yet still furled
I gazed upon her loveliness
My life, my heart, my world

(I`ve ne`er beheld a smile so sweet
Nor yet a face so fair
A vision hewn from misted pearl
With eyes beyond compare)

I felt her love envelop me
Protective as I grew
Oh she was everything to me
Was all I ever knew

And through my childhood`s magic years
Of innocence and light
No clouds were there to hide the sun
No everlasting night

But then she chose to end her life
(The misted pearl waxed grey)
And liquefaction of her soul
Left mine to fade away

(If only I could see her now
And touch her once again
Then I would surely be reborn
Slip back from whence I came)

Comments about Lament

So nice to read, it's so nostalgic what pulls me back to my childhood... sitting in my mom's lap and playing around her..... Thank you Valerie to rekindle those lovely days.
A really moving poem Valerie. I love it.
Beautiful heartfelt poem Val-so moving. Having lost my Mother, Father, and baby son myself, I can understand where your coming from.I echo the comments from other readers of this poem, so well done Val.
So touching Valerie.....this stunned me into silence, i am so sorry.....beautifully penned with such honest adoration
Oh my God! You're good! Crying again (she types through eyes blurred with tears) ! You have a beautiful gift! ! ! ! Dawn xxx

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