Harvest Moon

Harvest moon hanging high
Watching us Gods ancient eye
Poets write you distant cold
While i observe your core
Behold i see a heart of gold

You sail the sky as lovers walk
Sharing in their sweet love talk
Why do we name you cold and pale
You colour every lovers tale

While young men are growing old
They are jealous of you orb of gold
You light the path young lovers stray
as their bones molder in the clay

by Noreen Carden

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as Michael Pruchnicki & Oilibheir Álain Christie have already told us in their comments (thanks, both) , this belongs in ''Tamburlaine the Great'' - part II; opening of Act IV. . [in Act II. of this same part II., there is the scene (the 4th) in which Zenocrate dies] The two parts of Christopher Marlowe’s play Tamburlaine, loosely based on the life of the Central Asian emperor 'Timur the Lame', tell the story of the Scythian shepherd who becomes a conqueror of kings.
...........beautiful write...a lovely masterpiece ★
This is not exactly a poem. Funny how people isolate a segment from a play and claim it is a work of its own. Notice it is written in blank verse. Marlowe introduced the blank verse in playwrighting but I don't think he ever wrote a poem in blank verse. This is a monologue spoken by the character of Tamburlaine at the opening of Act IV of the play Tamburlaine the Great - part II.
Thank you for the better understanding Michael. Even without the knowledge of Zenocrate I was struck by the beautiful symbolism of the poet's words and am frankly astounded that 600 years have not diminished them.... Kevin - I empathize with your thoughts as well. But remember tradition then was mostly carried by mouth. Children were told stories of heavenly gods and goddesses and of their temperate manners. Even in England these stories would have been common knowledge so most readers at the time would have recognized this more as a fairy tale where the world faced the possibility of being thrust into eternal darkness - to be saved by the lovely Zenocrate.
writer of Shakespeare plays as well the true poetic genius of his time rode to future...........
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