Lament To Many

Poem By Blake Val Noir

In awe of all,
I face the facts and fall,
Concordant with society,
My abstinence of sobriety.

I experienced pleasant unpleasantness,
A rapturous discrepancy of consistency and cogency,
A formidable truth beyond foresight,
That ensnared a sense of delight so bright.

Collate the uncollated,
Collect the uncollected,
Relieve the dictator,
And arrest the protester.

Condensed on broken wings,
Dreams on rope they swing,
All the elective thinkers,
And all the addicted drinkers,
The cowards of mankind,
Stained and blind.

The tale with two ends,
Come forth set sail descend,
A paradise lost,
A sentenced at what cost?
Lord if I'm a non-believer,
Tell me, what do I believe?

Are we a sinking utopia?
Or just a rising dystopia?
The legacy laid down,
With a stale foreign frown.

Do eyes deceive?
Or do they cloud and relieve?
The eclipse of passion,
The never ending cattle prod battle,

Death to life,
And life to death,
The subliminal nostalgia,
And subjective myalgia,

Converge submerged,
Obliterate resurge,
Performance inhibition,
Adhere and reposition,

Saw through the ashes,
As the mind falls and crashes,
My heritage and jealousy,
My harassed disparity,

Obliviously distent,
To the sacrilege of prudence,
Distorted intent,
To many a lament,

The way of the world,
The path of the gods,
An endeavours delight,
In leading the squad,

I am what I am,
I will be what I can,
Leave and let be,
Let live and see,

Concordant adhesion,
Party turned legion,
I thank you all,
And now shall fall,

The ground I hit,
My feelings omit,
My warmth is lost,
My tattered body tossed,

I salute the sailors,
The condemned jailers,
Let leaves drop from trees,
And honey flow from bees,

The world is wise,
And old with thought,
Grown thin with lies,
Captured and caught,

Farewell dear baroness,
For thee I address,
My last wish and will,
I thank thee and instil,
my last breath,
my last work,
Good morn good day,
good eve and good night.

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Impressive! What a deep and thought provoking write that clearly shows your depth and sensibility as a human being! I love it! 10+++ Thank you for sharing! Keep it up! If the light does not come to you then you go straight to the light that comes from within! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City! http: //

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