Change Has Come

Change has come to shock and mock
The blind who extended their foggy rod
To an old greyless captain who sails
Close to the iceberg tip with wrinkled muscles;
As the dumb who hears more and say less
We all grope pointing stained guilty fingers.

Change has come as negative rhythms,
The sycophants hold on to their tied drums;
Against hope is the hope of the faithfuls,
Young patriots sing with bleeding teeths,
For the old that pays the pipers are jibed;
We, the troupe must alter our dancing steps.

Change has come as a tidal movement:
Pursuing dark crabs from evil crevices,
Poor Sargassums holdfast to hard substratum,
White collar Limpets suction tight to rocks,
Yet greedy Barnacles glue on the treasures.
We, like anemones genuflect to the waves.

Change has come as a north-east wind,
Dry on its wings towards the the south.
The rich eagles soar higher nevertheless;
Mean herons migrate on the western chariot,
Leaving us behind as fowls in dry cages;
We squawk and scratch in plenteous scarcity.

Change has come finally as a game changer
Against the corrupt in defensive formation;
Same old players in rebranded new jerseys,
Shuffled with overestimated substitutes to win
The ancient game sending us to relegation;
And we, the fans chant the elegy of our loss.

Change has come disappointedly as winter,
Let the fruitful reproduce succulent hands.
For firms have shed their leaves as Baobab
To swampy bees with red wings and stings.
Let your furs be thicker, and your back thorny
For nobody knows when this visitor will go.



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