Lamented Life

I saw you prancing in the dark.
You seemed to have such joy.
My father brought you home that day,
And said you weren't a toy.

So very soon, I learned to ride;
That I might be with you.
And you became a cherished friend,
The first I ever knew.

We were alone most of the time.
We lived so far out here.
My life was oh so simple then.
We roamed so far, but near.

I kept you well as best I could,
With lots of oats and hay.
You stood beside this old grey rock,
To help me mount each day.

You were so big, and I was small;
But to me you were so kind.
They always said you weren't too smart,
But I really didn't mind.

You seemed to like me on your back.
I rode each time I could.
I so enjoyed your company
As any young boy would.

And so it was, until the day
When I just had to leave.
I said good-bye and then I went.
There was no time to grieve.

My father wrote and spoke of you.
He said you did quite well.
You often waited at the rock
Until the evening fell.

The other day, he said you changed
And didn't anymore.
I wondered then, should I return
To ride you as before?

So yesterday, I made the time
To visit my best friend.
Now here I am in your corral.
So lonely in the end.

You stayed with me just long enough,
Dear thanks to God above;
For me to hear you one last time
Repeat your sound of love.

I wonder now about my life.
The love we shared and knew.
And wish I'd never spent a day
Of it, not here with you.

For what is life, but moments spent
In doing what we choose.
Seeking things we think we want.
Forgetting, those we lose.

I think I've learned my lesson now.
In life, you just can't win.
Unless you cherish what you have
Of friendship, now and then.

So I'll stand on the old grey rock
Until my dying day.
When you'll return, and once again.
I'll mount, and ride away.


Comments (46)

extremely exquisite write, so very deeply felt. life can brings us so much, but also take so much away. we must never regret or take things for granted, but be grateful and thankful every day. well penned.
sir, what a great poem.... a wonderful flow to this poem....I admire your work immensely
An awesome poem. I am saving it to my favourites. Shall I call it sweet rememberance Or a lamented life, Your melody just took away my life's stress and strife.
a nice poem with so much of depth, so much of pain lovely poem
This is very nice poem about you riding a horse. From the begining you got it to the end you lost it. Sad, but lovely!
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