Lamented Life

I saw you prancing in the dark.
You seemed to have such joy.
My father brought you home that day,
And said you weren't a toy.

by GREENWOLFE 1962 Click to read full poem

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extremely exquisite write, so very deeply felt. life can brings us so much, but also take so much away. we must never regret or take things for granted, but be grateful and thankful every day. well penned.
sir, what a great poem.... a wonderful flow to this poem....I admire your work immensely
An awesome poem. I am saving it to my favourites. Shall I call it sweet rememberance Or a lamented life, Your melody just took away my life's stress and strife.
a nice poem with so much of depth, so much of pain lovely poem
This is very nice poem about you riding a horse. From the begining you got it to the end you lost it. Sad, but lovely!
I can't say this poem is beautiful; since beauty itself has taken the shape of this poem....The composition so will remain for centuries to come as a sheer classic.
What a beautiful poem about riding your horse. Horses only want to please us and they do have feelings too! Your horse missed you and waited by the rock to ride again. Thanks for bringing back the feeling of pleasure when you ride a horse and feel as one in the effort!
its a brilliant poem! ! ! very interesting from the start up to the last stanza, , , i enjoy reading, no doubt more reader love it! ! ! ! thanks! regards jhane
This poem is very interesting. I really enjoyed reading it.
I found this poem interesting from teh part when you said' And you beacame a cherished friend, the first I ever knew.' I enjoyed that because I was a shy child as well and befriended rats and lizards b4 people=)
Hi poet, another touchingly beautiful read, I loved it! Loyd
Dear Greenwolfe, Such a wonderful poem with love spilling from every word. Really exceptional! Dorothy
this is a really wonderful piece. thank you for writing it ; ]ERiN
I loved this poem with its strong emotional overtones and above all, the sublime relationship of man and beast as it should be, full of love. Thanks.
'For what is life, but moments spent In doing what we choose. Seeking things we think we want. Forgetting, those we lose.' impressive lines... the sad memory of the dear pet animal and the philosophy on gain and loss in life weigh down fully in these lines...
aww sad but lovely your love your friend and your pet who was more then that to u it was your freedom too
This is such a good poem about the passion between a horse and a young boy. It touched me....even though i do not like horses!
I think that it is a beautiiful poem..
I don't see myself in position to comment, but at least I can applaud it, great work..
'For what is life, but moments spent In doing what we choose. Seeking things we think we want.Forgetting, those we lose.' this is my favorite part of the poem except I don't agree when you say what we choose to do, sometimes people have you tricked into doing things you wouldn't ever choose to do and you end up doing because some one blinded your sences. I agree with the rest...I have always thought people don't die until you forget them. and people always do get what they want if they put their heart into something(it) .