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Lamian Lamentations
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Lamian Lamentations

Poem By Ted Sheridan

There is no such thing as innocence
To an addict
Like a vampire who craves the blood not the bite
It keeps them medicated
It keeps them warm
It makes them innocent
There is no right from wrong
Only pain from which to deliver oneself
Evil is not a consequence considered
Righteous are they who seek to punish the avenger
For they will be forgiven
There is no such thing as innocence
Only justice served cold with revenge and a drink
And Justice is a vampire

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Having a choice of possible meanings ranging from ancient Greek warfare history to modern Chinese noodles, I'll stick to the view: 1. also Lamia Greek Mythology A monster represented as a serpent with the head and breasts of a woman that ate children and sucked the blood from men. 2. A female vampire. The analogy of addiction is all too real. Rgds, Ivan
And Justice is a vampire TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE