Lamp Glow

Saffron flame had dimmed.
In bleak dolor and agonized tears
A flight of stars wept.
And where the ravens' leer smoldered
No flare. How then the specter fled? Riant crystal rill chimed.
Primrose medallions danced.
Dawn's coral eyes cradled. Smiled. Dew.
Spangled amber field. Tantalized emerald
Dazzled opalescent lake in satin lily dream
Caressed the mallard's nestled brood. In lilac aura where willow leaf lilted...
Buttercup bells of or tinkled.
There... the sunburst wax wing.
There... to trilling wren song...
In fluttering velvet ballet...
The iridescent turquoise butterfly. How then?... The shrouded cape had flung
Its tattered wings to a land of nevermore.
Where stars scintillated. Lamp Glow spun gold.

by Jo Santoro Cialkowski

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