PU (07-01-1949 / Kutoarjo)


I often walk from market to my home
through chinese shop matters which sold; gold
Kelontong variety and rice
Book Store and printings office
And then store through which basic necessities are sold at government-fixed prices, and the barber shop, gambling Boss

Through water wheel to arrange flow of water to the rice field
Flow of water have curves in the river till the South Ocean
Where all kind of fish
Play from morning to night
Among of the evil spirit and demon
In the South Ocean,
The Palace of Nyai Loro Kidul
Quenn of all evil and demon in the South

When night come, “Lampor”
walk with howl of the wind
Children who heard their voice
Were run to their armpit mother
And drunk milk from nipple
Crosed the dark of night and fear
In the warmth of the batik cloth
and mother embrace

To day I am not afraid
Fairy tale, demon or evil spirits
who walk at midnight
to pass in the children imaginations

on the bridge old man and the youngers are gathering
to tell their experience and imagiantions each other
in the evening,
where the water river flow for fish, and demon
flow granted all of fish and their imagination

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