NS (01-05-1976 / Kerala)

Lampshades And Love

The evening ochre spreads its glorious hue
As lovers dedicated walked on the frayed edges
Dreams, wishes and with silent pledges
Holding hands and hopes for a brilliant tomorrow

A sombre child makes its way to the evening crowd
Born of lesser god and orphaned by the wayward world
She offers the couples a gift of flowers
Colour and fragrance to the hurdles along the way

The streets and its lovers knew no religion
Nor the difference of money that the families brought
Each moment precious as they loved
Freedom for their burdens of unsure youth

The street where relationships were built
Strengthened with each and loves complex edifice
Of the pain of reality that future cannot be lived
Of the broken journeys and the pain of sacrifice

Souls who were detached with outside world
Others a churning of their deep inner desires
Joy of the ochre turn into a dark gloom of parting
As they leave embraced with hope for a better tomorrow

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