Land Of Summer

I go to a land not so far away,
To see you there,
And again another day.
There is the land now, it's coming.
Here you are I see,
Trying to keep from crying.
I see it in your eyes again,
The bitter tears,
That sep'rated us then.
'Twasn't hate or bitterness, nay.
Just yourself and,
Your joyful temperament that day.
When will this all end, I wonder.
So close to something,
Yet so far from summer.
Summer was and will always be,
How I remember you,
And how I will see.
See I will, with those clear blue eyes.
See right through you,
Like unsettling spies.
Spies that hunt and rob and torture,
Rob me of everything,
But save me my wonder.

(April 11,2005)

by Nicholas Page

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