Land Of The Mighty

To whom does the land belong?
It belongs to the mighty and the strong.
From Egyptian Pharaohs to Chinese emperors,
From Roman gladiators to Spanish conquistadors -
A booming gong, a marching song -
The land belongs among the strong.

To whom does the land belong?
It belongs to a brave and mighty throng.
From Nebuchadnezzar to Julius Caesar,
From Alexander the Great to Henry VIII -
A whipping thong, no right or wrong -
The land does belong to a mighty throng.

Who does rule the earth?
It is ruled by the mighty and the learned.
From Hebrews to Jews, Pygmies to Aborigines,
Negroes to Eskimos, Indians to Palestinians -
Uprooted at birth, forced to hit the dirt -
The earth is ruled by the learned and the rude.

Who does rule the world?
It is ruled by the lord of a mighty horde.
From the Pyramids to Parthenon, from Babylon
To Washington, from Rome to home -
A two-edged sword I can't afford -
The world is ruled by a lord, great and shrewd.

Alexander runs a-thunder on the soil over and over.
From food to abode, gold loot to tribute,
Silk route to spice root, cheap toil to dear oil -
Yet fraught with bows and arrows so brute -
The land is sought, the uncouth to soothe.
Why, Almighty, the land belongs to the mighty!

by Gilbert Pangyarihan

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