Landry Is My Nephew

Landry is my first nephew!
So proud I am...
That he has become a great man.
I am familiar with his easy smile.
And I observe him as he disciplines...
Each of his growing six children!
That he now has six transfixes me sometimes!
Like a piecing jolt of reality,
Playing tricks on my mind.

Time has passed so fast...
As I think of the responsibility,
And Landry's current tasks!
So many he juggles...
As a 'master' with class!

I tell him all the time,
I am so proud of him!
And when I hear him speak of his children,
I say to myself...
'That's the man I wish I had been! '

He doesn't walk on water...
Like I think 'he' thinks he oughta!
I see a lot of me...
His dad and my sister Mim too I 'see'.
And I can say with much pride...
I am so happy Landry is MY nephew!
As I cherish these thoughts each day inside!
Knowing and loving him as I do.

To my nephew Landry Marcel Pertillar
'You are the best! Love you...
Uncle Larry'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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with an uncle like you the most crooked nephew would straighten out.. regards to landry..