Lands And Feet-Cauchy3

A done world is dupe when stood.
Free falls are not free hands.
Evils partners are on address books.
Part songs are songs to act.

Achieve to complete are no eyed sky.
Donald Jug has jungle gyms.
Emerge moneys are other suits.
A gold cup ties to soon.

Tom–yik lin is washed.
Real politics have static watts.
A gold shower is last pollens.
Dunk worlds are emerged with powers.

Who are wolves -boss and who are tiger kings.
Tigers’ paws are when elephants are down.
Get together are mercurial springs.
Who are booby prizes and down bosses.

Clacks on towns are when worlds stood.
Evil partners are on address books.
Powers are political on shut doors.
Moneys are handles when lands are foot.
--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

by cheung shun sang

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