Landscape 15 Dreamskins

Misty streamers of dreamskins
Tattered by awakening
Evaporating in the light of thought
Two black hippos joyfully frolicking
In the flooded quarry far below
Huge splashes in dark blue green water
Fringed with carved and gilded piers
Breathless escape full of fear
Across dirty industrial rooftops
Blazing bonfire in empty forest clearing
Sparks flowing up to the waiting stars
Silent but for snapping of kindling
Charged with a tense waiting
Public phone ringing in desolate desert
It’s for you!
The phone has lips that move against the ear
And hot breath that tickles
“Fly! ” says a voice and you do
Feet first
To a
Deep blue southern sea
Foam flashing and sparkling in the sun.
The view at once remote and very close
Try to remember
Grasp at smoke

by Stewart McKenzie

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