My Crush. My Boyfriend, My Love

The day draws near, the day I stopped caring
The day when there was nothing but darkness
The day I lost all hope, in everything
The day you were taken from me

Though you are no longer among the living
I love you, I love you with all of my heart
You were my first crush, my first boyfriend, my first love
It has been Years now, and I think about you all of the time

I know that you would want me to let go, to find love again
I know that you would want me to be happy, to believe in love
But I cannot let go, no one will ever replace you in my heart
No one will ever make me as happy as you made me, I miss you

All though many have told me that they loved me
It never meant as much to me as the day you first told me
The day you told me that your heart longs to be with mine
I remember it all to well, the smile on you face when I said yes

I miss the way you kissed me, so sweetly and innocently
I miss the way you held me, so protectively so warmly
I miss the way you smiled at me, with that silly grin of yours
I miss the way you looked at me, so longingly so lovingly

My heart breaks every second that you are not with me
A little bit more of my soul dies everyday
My life is surrounded in darkness
My eyes burn from the tears that fall from them

My first crush, My first boyfriend, My first love
I miss you with every part of my being
I love you with every part of my heart
My heart, My soul, they belong to you, and only you

I miss you Taylo DeMarco, I will never forget you.

by Ceauxlbie Gray

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