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(landscapes Collection) .... A Change Of Season
(21st November 1945 / UK)

(landscapes Collection) .... A Change Of Season

Poem By Janice Windle

Just as I believe that autumn's gone,
left bare branches dressed in shades of grey,
melted the glowing leaves to muddy slime,
stealing sunlight, shortening my day –

just as I prepare to go to ground,
to tell myself to close my eyes,
accept the long dark cell
where I must make my home till spring –

I turn a corner on the narrow track and reach
the downward slope.
And here time’s slowed it seems.

Still, in this one place,
slim beech trunks, green velvet covered,
scattered with gold and bronze, stand warm
against dark thickets in the forest.

And though the sky outside is grey
this tunnel, where the trees protect their own,
holds autumn’s final breath
before December's sterile chill comes down.

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Comments (4)

I am happy to come back and read another one of your poems. I like the last two lines: where the trees protect their own, holds autumn’s final breath before the winter’s sterile chill comes down
I love this image of winter with its tunnel to another season.
Absolutely gorgeous Jan..... I love how sometimes those 'tunnels' seem to preserve parts of other seasons... did you hear about daffodils sprouting already? I guess it's that kind of thing here. The images and the colours knit together so beautiful I could picture your scene in my mind's eye. Beautiful penning. HG: -) xx
Have we been walking in the same place? ! You've captured the gloom that sends us into hibernation mode and then contrasted this with a glimpse of nature's wonder, where somehow, time seems to stand still and the beauty of Autumn lingers, exposing it's vibrancy to the few who dare to delve a little deeper and stumble across one of nature's well kept secrets. Beautiful poem Janice. Justine xx