Language Of Love

Love of God, given to me,
Priceless without cost, Free.
Love your sweetheart with all
your heart,
Pray you will never part.
Love Jesus more, each day,
Walking on Heavenly way.
Love my Church, house of God,
I feel His presence there,
Talk to Him when I bow my head,
in prayer.
Love my Husband more than words
can say,
Hand in hand together walk life's
Home filled with Love, contentment,
Caring for one another, none can
Love for the Holy Bible, show
direction toward Heaven's Shore.
There we will walk someday, forever
Love my country proud to say
Shout it from house top happy
I feel this way.
Texas I love you until, end of time,
even more,
From mountain high, sand on the shore.
Wild flowers Love to see once more,
Bring back memories of, days of yore.
Love to watch sea gulls fly high,
Under cloudless blue sky.
Walking on white sand, Love to see,
Ocean waves come rolling to me.
Love to watch the Bald Eagle soaring
Where the mountain meets the sky.
Love to feel sunshine on my face,
Remembrance time can never erase.
Love to hear music, floating through
the air,
Enjoyable hear, none can compare.
Speak only, The Language of Love,
Words sent from Heaven above.

by Edith Mae Payne

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