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Lare Said “lines”

Lare said “Lines”, and I immediately said,
I hate waiting in them,
It's like slowing down dread.

Cause waitings the worst, I'm waiting all day,
I'm waiting in traffic, I'm waiting to eat,
I’m waiting for gas and I wait when I pay.

I wait on my dogs as they go on my bushes,
I wait in long lines at every movie,
And I wait in those lines where everyone pushes.

I’m Impatiently waiting but what's its meaning?
Does it make me a good girl? Not for a minute,
And while waiting at Wal-Mart, I start screaming.

So I’ll post this poem now and see if there’s waiting
A gentle old critic just waiting to read,
A poem about “lines” not one about hating.

by Sandra Osborne

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Janice, do you know of a good pick-up line that would work on Sandra? H
I hated writing them at school. They were by far the worst kind. Hugs Jan