Poem By James Jarrett

If youre fond of dogs,
this will really make sense,
lassie and I
on our walks did commence,
daily at five,
our walk was to begin
both of us were to slim down, and try to become thin,
labradors u know,
have a tendency, to put on weight,
she would look like a seal,
if she gained weight at this rate,
promptly at five she would come to my room,
tail wagging and eyes questioning,
will u get ready soon?
and then lassie and I would go up the hill,
huffing and puffing,
catch our breath, and stand still
and then the road evens out,
and we begin to enjoy our walk,
little kids on the foot path, all stand and gawk,
lasiie the queen, head held high and regal,
not a patch to the spaniel, the pomeranian and the beagle
we thought it was going well, till one fine day
we were asked a question
that took my breath away,
when will she have the babies?
give us one we'll pay,
''so much effort lassie, ' said I,
and nothing to show, this wont do
, my baby u havent lost a kilo!
she gave me a look,
and a wag that seemed to say
look whos talking my dear,
for u the same I can say..
all that aside..
we do love ourtime together,
the fine spring flowers
and the beautiful pleasant weather,
we share a good relationship.
my Lassie and me,
whether the goal will be accomplished
that we will see.....

Comments about Seasons

this was funnily sweet! I have a dog too, but shes totally toned down..lets hope you both reach your target soon.... good work! Preets

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