Last Breath

When the only thing you feel,
is that deeep hurt called pain,
you have to ask yourself,
is there anything to gain? ? ?
Deep in my soul,
way down there,
it seems sometimes, the pain is too much to bear.
But when I hear that voice,
and understanding what I'm being told,
when it soeaks to me, and it erases all the cold.
He gives me strength,
courage and heart,
even when it feels, I've bee hit with a dart.
I need him with me,
to survive these days,
I love everything about him,
I love all of his ways.
So when I am hurt,
and when I'm blue,
I go to the one,
my heart belongs to.
So baby I thank you,
for all you have done,
and I promise you baby, you are the only onr,
I'll love you JJ,
until the day of my death,
and I wont ever stop loving you even after my last breath.

by Brittney Palmater

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