Last Breathe

Dead head, molten lead, I have bled.
Captivating eyes, omenous skies, still she lies.
Power in three, terror of me, danger you can see.
Vile magick and you are so tragic.

Fear me as long as you can see
Love me because we could never be
Hate me as I live my life free
Admire me if you ever want the key.

Violent mood, restless brood, you're so crude.
False face, liquid base, yourself you erase.
Can't ask, hiden task, hide in your mask
Self-denied, you know you lied

Lose yourself to all your inner hate
Find a way in which you can be great
Destroy the reasons for being late
Create another attitude in which you can relate.

You're done, deadly gun, remember to run
I watch as blood clots, connect the dots
Hit the wall, you fall, nothing to recall
You’re alive. We will survive

Break your connection to civilization
Fix the lines to absolute memorization
Dispel all thoughts of self-creation
Re-live your life with anticipation.

by Robert L. Bixler III

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