Last Bus To Lagos

Crashing lives
Flashing lights
Living rights
Leaving by tonight
I am coming straight from the pages like
your favorite author
I am coming alive a sculpture from the
hands of your favorite sculptor
People asking for things that are
impossible to give
People asking me to see things that do
not even exist
My mind is thinking
Gradually sickening
My thoughts are sinking
Of things i could
Of things i would
Of things i should
Away, away, away
Very far, so very far
I have to see the sunny side of life
I have to kick the sands out of my shoes
Left or right, don' t ask because i cant
Just a bus ride but i feel the whole world
should change
To my home i will see you again
There is so much to gain
I cant stay the same
I heard its as hot as the equator
Maybe i am what ' s needed to balance the
On the last bus to Lagos
I am thinking life there will be like a
vacation in Barbados
Cant decide which shoulder should carry
my cross
Its driving me crazy
Its tiring daily
I try my best to stay strong
Sick and tired of sad songs
Feeling so guilty
I just want to be guilt free
Life has broken me down
Jesus you can save me now
Waiting to inhale
Waiting to exhale
Every ride has a view
That is so beautiful
Embracing life with open hands
Traveling to new lands
With no plans
I will keep moving till i get the bands
I don ' t want it
I need it
So good it hurts
I have to write it on my shirts
Feeling so weak
I have to escape even if its for a few
On the Last bus to Lagos
Another story to tell
Don' t even ask how i feel
Or even how i learnt how to spell
Life driving me wild
So i write to inspire
My senses on the rise like an empire
I have to control my life like an umpire
Poverty drinking my blood like a vampire
I have to see what ' s out there
That' s the reason i cant stay here
I know it sounds funny
But i need money
And at home, i am lonely
I just can' t stand the pain
Jesus didn' t die in vain
So i don' t have to stand under the rain
I hope your smiles
Go all the miles
On the last bus to Lagos
Waking up in a dream
Sleepwalking into the Lagos dream
Ambition as clear as visions
Faith pursuing me like collisions
Negative aspects cutting deep like
I have to move onto better things,
Mama said you have never had peace
Until you hear somebody scream
I am smiling everyday
Because my dream is not far away
A fool if i take it all for granted
A genius if i keep my feet planted
I cant find a better work out
So i write it out
Something i cant replace
That is God' s grace
Better life somewhere, i have to chase
R Kelly, i am the worlds greatest
I am blessed
Miss the peaceful days of sucking on my
mothers breast
And my girl resting on my chest
I am not even well dressed
And i feel pressed
I do not write just to impress
I write best
When stressed
Maybe i will find rest
On the last bus to Lagos.

by Funkekeme Akposeye

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