Last Call (Salvation Libations)

sin fast!
it's late
and the holy water
is past
its expiation date

for thirstier transgressors
and confessors, more chronic
a tastier dilution -
the absolution vodka tonic!

Your shelf life is eternal
so buy the best one that we sell
with applications all internal
no one's ever gone to hell!

(expiation: the act of purifying of sin; atonement)
(absolution: formal remission of sin, as in the sacrament of penance)

by Chuck Audette

Comments (7)

Hey Chuck. How did I miss this one? What can I say Sir? You're a bit of a smart arse and I kinda like it.
I enjoy your sence of humor. A refreshing change from all the ponderously serious poetry posted on the site
Clever! Clever! ! Clever! ! ! Every line is a marvel. U R Somethin' Else, Chuck! Don't know what, but glad you are! Est : ]
Ha ha ha! ! Clever language as well as humorous effects, mind. Smiling to herself, Gina.
Chin chin Chuck...and in case the Catholic church is right, I'd like to offer a toast: Best of luck to you in the afterlife. I enjoyed this thoroughly!
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