AG (May 26,1989 / Georgia)

Last Call

You're gone, right?
So this shouldn't be like this
But, it seems that every night
I seem to remember the lost bliss.
It doesn't help that you call all the time.
But, I also don't want you to go
Maybe I can explain it through rhyme
Because there is something you need to know.
Yes, I love you
And it'd kill me if you weren't here
But, you forget that I hate you too.
You just need to stay far from here.
I need you to go away
So please let your last call be today.

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Hey, I do'n have a lot of time right now because im at school...I just wanna say that im sorry about everything and I LOVE YOU and i always will that will never change. Im sorry about everything, my mom, my dad, me. I want you to try and have a good rest of the year, and dont worrie about me. I just wanna promise you one thing tho..I will come back for you, but i dont know when or how. But i will........ I LOVE YOU..........<3 ill write you tomorrow if i can. my email address is Dont tell ANYONE that im writting you please. I love you............. Je T'aime<<<3