Last Day Of My School

Poem By Muhammad Raza Master

That was the day when i met
My good friends during the sunset
And having many regrets
My last day at school
Everyone was so worried
here had those times buried
When to reach the school we hurried
My last day at school
Leaving the school hurt me a lot
What a present I silently got
And I promised to forget my friends not
My last day at school
From the beginning to the end
Sweet messages were sent
Everything happened that meant
My last day at school
Sometimes I stop thinking
That my beautiful moments are sinking
And I keep my friend’s phones ringing
My last day at school
I do not like to enter
The new college centre
This all seems like dementor
My last day at school
When I weep
And my tears fall deep
And I got precious gifts to keep
My last day school

Comments about Last Day Of My School

very good speech and best of luck
Seriously what aa mindboggling day the last day of may schl it was a very sweet poem
lovely poem. loved reading it
Sweet, beautiful and heart catching.....................10
Oh, My last day at school was painful. i didn't wanna leave, I didn't wanna leave, I didn't wanna leave.......... this poem is good, definetely goes straight in my faves. thx for sharing

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