Last Farewell, An Obituary

Last Farewell
An Obituary

They told me to come,
They told me you were gone.
The click of the track, was like the thrum of drums.
With slow heavy tread, I came to mourn.

But that wasn’t you, lying on the stairs.
It wasn’t your body, it was an empty shell,
Fallen in your eagle’s nest, in the rarified air.
Why even awesome Death, must have crept up, to have left you there!

Memories drift, as soft as a mist; I remember you flying high,
Fearless and alone, you mounted the clouds.
One day, you scooped me up, and carried me to the sky,
You brave and daring, and I so proud!

But I couldn’t hold on,
I just wasn’t that strong.
You gently put me down and soared into the beyond.
We didn’t care who was right or wrong!

Now, you are discovering forever, and what comes next.
You are busy exploring eternity, somewhere in the sky.
May we someday meet, on one of your quests.
Scoop me up again, and show me where brave eagles dare fly!

by Mary Naylor

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Awesome write, Mary.May you and your eagle, one day, soar forever. Ten for you, dear friend. Love, Sandra