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Last Hand
JL (October 16,1989 / Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)

Last Hand

Poem By Jennifer Lujanac

Life is really just a game.
Life deals you hands sometimes
That make you want to die.
Life gives you cards, sometimes,
That make you glad you're alive.
This game is just
Like poker

You keep trying
Sometimes you win
Sometimes you lose
Timing and luck
Are absoulutely everything.
Skill doesn't much matter
And you don't always have to follow the rules
But in the end
There's always going to be
Somebody better
Somebody smarter
Somebody to win
And somebody to lose.

So as the hours pass you by
And you sit alone at night
Remember that, like a game
Life can end sooner than you'd like.
The hands you lose
And those you win
The money gone
And what remains
Doesn't really matter...
Not in the long run
'Cause this might be your last hand
And your bound to fold eventually.

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