TD (12/6/41 to? / Amersham, Buckinghamshire)

Last Love

A chip fell in love with a small piece of cod,
It felt really normal and not a bit odd
And though they both knew they had not long to live,
Both knew they had love unbridled to give.

His love was unfilleted, right from the heart,
The scent of her vinegar right from the start
Had warmed his desire, his will to get at her.
To woo her and coo her and bond with her batter.

She, too, was taken and so starry-eyed,
She found him so straight cut and so freshly fried,
No crinkle-cut cutie but chunky and whole,
To meet a chip like him had been her life's goal.

They lay side by side on the edge of the plate,
Gave each other strength while awaiting their fate.
They'd know life was limited, they'd soon be freed
From their life on this earth when the menu decreed.

They cuddled up closely so nothing would spoil
Their last greasy moments on this mortal coil.
An odd combination but such a good match.
They had their last kiss then they slid down the hatch.

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no-one serves up poetry's fast food like you Terry...
This is a pretty cool poem, terry. witty and to the point. i like it. -James