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Last Lunar Eclipse
GH ( / Truth or Consequences, New Mexico)

Last Lunar Eclipse

Autumn came in mild and sweet, the Harvest Moon was due.
I sat beside an open window, until it came into view
A soft breeze played across my face, like zephyrs from Angel's Wings.
The stars shone brightly in the sky, bright, Heavenly, Cosmic Things.
The moon, majestically on high, rose over mountains yonder,
And filled the valley with it's light, my heart o'erflowed with wonder.
The Big Dipper shone so brightly, anticipating, it seems.
That it would fill it's ladle, with liquid silver moon beams.
Then Mother Earth did her own thing, She covered moon, stars and clouds,
Like some great, living creature, being covered by a shroud.
The moon was round and reddish, like a ripe peach in the sky,
Still great, in all it's glory, it seemed to make Earth sigh.
Then the lovely Harvest Moon, came to us one again,
The last eclipse of this century, this enigma, so witnessed by man.

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That's a great poem. I guss I'm the first to comment.