IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Last Man For Friend J.T.Early

I am alone, last of my race
The reign of man is nearly done
I wonder who will take our place.
I am the last and only one.

WE had our chance but failed the test.
Our foolish pride ensured we would
Because we thought that we knew best
instead of living as we should.

We chose instead belligerence
and Might is Right became our creed.
Despite the mounting evidence
that we wrong we paid no heed.

We flouted Mother Nature’s rules
Took much more than our rightful share
A race of self destructive fools
for others rights we did not care.

It had to come it was bound to.
She’d reached the end of her patience
and knew exactly what to do.
So she unleashed a pestilence.

Against which man had no defence.
The doctors failed although they tried
they simply lacked the competence.
Each passing day more people died.

I am alone last of my race
and I too soon must leave the stage.
I wonder who will take our place
to usher in a brand new age.

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