AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Just a few more days left, to get in
the last minute Christmas shopping!
You'll be running around like crazy, as
into each store, you'll be popping! With
list in hand, you start to look, to find what's
marked by each name. Hoping, you'll find
what you had in mind and if you don't,
there's no one, you can blame. It's really
not smart when you leave it to the last
minute, for when you do, it's harder on you
for you put so much energy, into it. Last
minute shopping, is the hardest thing to
do, it can leave you tired and run down.
Next year be smart, get a head start, so
you won't have to run, all over town. Now, it's
time to be on your way, as you accomplished
what you came for. Everything is complete,
despite your aching feet, but when you get
home, you'll kick off your shoes and watch,
them, fall to the floor!

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