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Last Night
SE (Jan 4,1992 / Philly)

Last Night

Poem By Shannon Edelman

Last night I sat outside and prayed
For god to take my life away
Bitter tears ran down my face
Tears for the happiness I always chase
The terrible lows, the dizzing highs
I`m watching my life pass me by
Waiting to live, wanting to die
I don`t want to just sit here and cry
Alcohol tempts me it`s intoxicating smell
An easy way out of this painful hell
A couple of shots, a bottle of pills
One`s fast, one`s slow but they both kill
The pursuit of happiness has become and obsession
One word in my head always depression
Maybe tonight won`t be so bad
Tonight perhaps, I won`t be sad
Maybe tonight, I can sit outside and smile
And maybe....just for a little while

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I hope tonight is not so bad. Very powerful.