Summer Vacation Rocks

Summer vacation Rocks
Under an umbrella at the beach
Morning sunshine on a hot summer day
Meeting friends at the beach is great
Eating Vanilla ice cream,
Relaxing in the pool

Vacation is the best
All day at home, not in school
Can sleep whenever I want
All day to rest at home
The time goes by more quickly.
It's the hottest day,
Of summer vacation.
Nothing is better than

Riding my bike.
On summer vacation,
Children come out to play
Knowing that now vacation's over.
Sad time it is.

by favie erase

Comments (15)

fine poem with original notes. tony
A nice poem written with a sweet style. Enjoyed.
A familiar feeling long on style, short on words.
Such a great poem by Li Chomg Chao👍👍👍
nice style of writing- Huh- last night no light in dark at bed park was silence you or me at grey eyed no romance no sense but in best friend give the dawn in my mind O my love leave all flirt! ///////// just ........!
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