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Last Night I Died Inside

laughter is all that is left within
sweet laughter keeps me from going off the brink
no tears left within
all have been shed
for last night
the time came
time to end it
end the pain
end it all
noose tied oh so lose above the floor
there I hung
slowly began to sway
darkness raising
slowly turning numb
time to give into the pain
almost into beautiful darkness
when the foot steps came
if found now
the darkness with never be reached
fought and struggled
out of the noose
regained balance
as she walked in
my mother walked in
she started to complain about her life and her stress
did she not see my distress
she paid no notice to the noose beside where I stood
nor the tear stained face
or even purple-ish face infront of her
how could she not notice
there and then death took my soul
whatever once was held inside
was gone
once she left
I lay but an empty shell upon the floor
staring up at the noose
all hope faded
emotions lost
dead inside

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