S ( / NYC)

Last Night I Died Inside

all I can do now is laugh
I have no tears left
for last night
I decided it was time
time to end it
end the pain
end it all
I hung myself from my bed
just as I was about to give over to the darkness
the beautiful darkness
I heard foot steps
if they found me now it was over
I would not die tonight
I struggled to un hang my self
just as I stood up
she walked in
my mother walked in
she started to complain about work
she didn't even notice the noose hanging behind me
or my tear stained face
or even that my face was reddish purple
how could she not notice
last night I found out
that the truth is I did die last night
whatever I had left inside died
that little bit of hope just melted away

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wow this poem is so sad