Last Night I Had A Dream

Last night i had a dream
a dream about a future
a future that i had buried
deep within
A dream that made me wonder
how deep is that burial place
within me

Last night i had a dream
a dream about a past
a past that my memory
refuses to name.
Dug up by another name from
that very past

Last night i had a dream
a dream about the present
a present that i choose to
live in oblivion off.
a present with hurt, betrayal
pain and sadness
A present that however hard
i run away from shackles
me to my past and my future
chains, which i am unable to
break free from
which tie me down and make me who and what i am

Last night i had a dream
do i wish to wake up and
face reality.
are not the dream and the reality
one and the same.

Last night i had a dream
a dream or was i awake

by jasveen ahluwalia

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A great start with a nice poem, jasveen. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
This poem was very deep and depressing in the same time it gets a 10/10 great work
Powerfully depressing, or depressingly powerful... Rough cut with spiked edges, within the apparent amorphous and unedited schemata it bears something that persists in your mind. Bleak, passionately morbid, embodying various shades and layers of darkness. And in the last line, breaks all fences to shock the mind out of certainity.