AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Last Night’s Dream

Your aroma filled my senses
In my dream last night
The smile on your face
It shines a sparkling light
Your eyes they twinkle
Like diamonds in the sky
My pillow is wet
Who says men don’t cry
My tears they flow
Like a river gone mad
Knowing I’m losing
The best thing I’ve ever had
At this moment
I don’t want to wake up
And verify
That this a real break up
Fear draws a curtain
I don’t want to open my eyes
And see the darkness
Because the sun didn’t rise
The bed is spinning fast
When it will stop I don’t know
I hold a death grip
My heartbeat thumping real slow
I hope what they say is true
It will be over when you wake
All just a bad dream
Except for this constant heartache

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Wow dude you're a very great writer I understand life can leave these pangs of distress and take it from a 14 year old t this day and age life's struggles can be overwhelming and heart wrenching and while we dream we wish the problems away just for as you said the pain to still be there. Well you continue the Great work and always remember to spread yourself! ! ! !