The world gives me reasons,
To shout, scream and cry,
But the Sunshine always,
Make my worries go by.

The Sunshine is like an angel,
It touches me through me Soul,
It gives me reason to smile,
Makes me complete on the whole.

The Sunshine is like a sound,
It synchronizes the music in me,
I get great cause to celebrate, as,
It lets my spirit free.

No matter its day or night,
The Sunshine is always there,
Making the shrewd world around,
Look pretty and fair.

My Sunshine is soft and gentle,
Its snug and soothing too,
It snips my sorrows off me,
My Sunshine, dear, its You!

-Composed on 13/05/07……….. Special dedication to Aayush and Ankit!
With great Love… Manisha

by Manisha Sharma

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This broken heart! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Sorry my keyboard went to pots. My comment is heart felt. Sad is the loss of a father's love. Well written and touching.
poetry is - somebody's passion, somebody's nation but yet it is natural expression to you. I pick these as special. Now can I pen not more, To my blood- with pain! Kudos!