Last Note

Poem By Lelanie Reiners

As the razor blade shred into and all the way down my chin
I can feel the blood Flowing out of my skin
As i become numb in the head
I feel my vains daily fed..

As the tears stream down my face
The pulse beats into a slower pace
I cannot say another word
As my vocal cord
Has been cut to its core...

This numbness takes over my thoughts.
It reflects the unhappyness you have brought.
I stood in shadows, knowing ill fall
So i was hoping this will end it all.

I cannot Feel the Hand where im totally in flood
Im starting to drown in my own blood
I fall to the ground
Where i will later be found

I left you a note in my hands
In where yoyr name stands
The reason of my death
my very last breath.

These words will show in your eyes.
As the last note dies
so do I...

Comments about Last Note

hey lelanie, it is a good poem you wrote here well done keep it up. looking forward to read more work from you.

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