IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Last Request.

Paralysis progressively
attacks my system stealthily.
There’s no hope of recovery
from the disease affecting me
I must consider carefully
the choices which are left to me
I can decide to linger on
although I know all hope is gone.
There is no cure nor will there be
OR choose to die with dignity.
I see no point in lingering
just to prolong my suffering.
Will you assist my suicide
I don’t expect you to decide
immediately. If you help me.
You lay yourself wide open to
harsh penalties. Which may land you
before a court to justify
the reasons that you helped me die.
You are my friend I can depend
on you to help me make an end.
Despite the risks which you incur
I know quite well you will defer
your decision till you are sure
There is not and cannot be a cure.
Then you will honour my request
Because you think it’s for best.


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