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_last Smile_

_last Smile_

Life and love, always unfair
Neither one of us dare to share
You have yours, I have mine
Simple things I can’t define
For each word you say
I always feel calm
For each move you make
I want to keep you safe
But here I am lying defensibly
Taking my pride, losing my dignity
In every battle, I can never win
That makes me think, I am a failure within
Hopeless case, I am under right now
Just another push and I’m on my way down
No one can save me, can’t keep my sanity
And I have to end, this lifetime agony
I want to say goodbye to the things I’ve known
And the love you’ve shared, I took it as my own
I’m going somewhere, a place where I can be free
In heaven maybe, with the Lord beside me
This might be the last time, you’ll see me smile
Let’s share it together, please stay a while

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