Last Standing

Have you ever felt cold.
Cold like ii feel tonight
My heart is frozen
And My tears turn to icicles.

She has betrayed me.
our promise too stay free.
Free from the hospitals free from
the nightmares.

Then ii hear that shes been admitted
too ward 5 in the Milton Keynes hospital
ii was so scared so lost,
tears started too swell up in my eyes.
as ii watched
our favorite film.

I wanted too see her tonight
but ii cant let my mum know
she'd kill me if she found out.
Because this upset little child.
Is My beautiful.

ii try and tell people but they tear me apart
they say its all my fault when its all there's.
ii love her and ii will always be there.
and ii don't want them twats putting me down

when ii am the last standing soldier,

Amie Barnett

by Fangs Amie

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Comments (2)

Thankyou livi. Made me feel a little more happy.
Really Moving. You can really feel the emotion through your great poem.