An Evening Spent Snuggling And Talking

Evening is here now my dear and through
the whole day I dreamed of holding you
and talking as we just spent time with each other
sitting up in bed and snuggling
as you rested your head on my shoulder
while I rubbed your back and stroked your hair.
A day spent sitting in bed relaxing with you
and now as evening is here I still dream
of us snuggling here and enjoying the evening
talking, reading, watching a movie,
laughing and smiling all the while with
my beautiful Kira I so adore and my heart truly melts for.

I would love to be spending the evening with you
so I could tell you about the things that I'm feeling
and are on my mind in many ways,
an evening spent where you'll have someone
who truly cares and wants to listen.
I want to know everything my lady to share in the joys,
be there to hold you as you let go the sorrows
and help you to feel safe when you are ready to share your fears.
An evening spent snuggling and talking feeling
peaceful content as we give
our trust in true caring love to each other.

An evening where after we've talked our selves
out for awhile we can sit back with a movie
that you have picked out and the hours
can just drift and pass into the night
as we just got lost in the joy and magic
that we have together sharing a bond
so very strong and has lasted through so very much
and I have not a doubt it will
continue to be there growing even stronger
and stable as we continually work
for and through things together.
I love you sweet Kira and wish you were here
to be spending time with on this evening.

I long for you Kira and yearn to
have our sweet time together in pure joy
feeling fulfillment and always giving
our everything and all to each other
supporting with all of the true love
and devotion we hold inside us.
In spirit tonight my sweet Kira I will be holding you,
I will continue to fight those patches
of tiredness that have hit at times
and I have beaten them so I could be here for you.
At times it's what's slowed down my mind
and made getting ideas difficult my love.
I'm sorry about that but will write you
when the ideas come clear through.
I Ewan to tell you I love you because
it is something you need to hear
and it's something I need to do and say often
so I can feel peace not worrying I'm leaving you hanging.
I will be here for you my sweet lady
and right there beside you holding you
tightly and lovingly.
Soon my sweet love I know that we will have
our time of joy in each others arms.
Hold onto the faith and the hope and feel all these
sweet kisses of true love and big hugs of strength
to give you reassuring warmth to give you peace.

by Michael P. McParland

Comments (2)

So sad, and if it is the painting then it is fine again vivid images after reading this poem.
This can have so many many different meanings- his father could be dead so he is sorrowful that he can do longer serve him- -he is grown up or so he thinks so he doesn't have to so there- -he thinks his father is way too lazy- and so on- I prefer the first