Sunitha Williams-The Astronaut

Sunitha Williams—We are proud of her!
All women kind -We are proud
She is from India—We are proud
She is an Indian American astronaut—We are proud
She has set a record for maximum no: of space walks
by a woman astronaut—We are proud
She and her Japanese colleague, Akihiko Hoside
together fixed a problem in the I S S -We are proud
They completed a problematic task
of repairing the switching mechanism
of the main power unit—We are proud
They installed a camera on the
robotic arm of the space station—We are proud
She holds the record of the space flight
by a woman astronaut of 195 days—We are proud
She was awarded two Navy Commandant Medals:
A Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal:
A Humanitarian Service Medal:
And many other Awards- We are proud
Her story is an inspiration for youngsters!
May God Bless her—We are proud of her! !

by chandra thiagarajan

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Sweet water with awareness all around!