Last Wish

A visit to my beloved ocean
To again express past, present and future devotion..
A view of my children's children to get a hug
That special feeling from the bear and also the lady bug.

With my wife to share exquisite pleasure
As a jewel of our marriage and part of the treasure.
To walk the roads and fields of my boyhood scene
Greeting each friend; who was part of the dream.

To hug each member of my family clan
Ma; four lovely sisters and two brothers and the father man.

Driving a sports car along the country roadway
Music playing on a warm Spring day..

To feel a gentle rain and a silent warm breeze
A final light hug and an earthly squeeze.

To see my birds and the great Potomac river
A momentary pause; to thank the giver.

The bean soup and hot crabs and a cold, cold beer
Delicious morsels and beverage that I held dear.

To meet those who ever did labor with me
Even those in military uniform you see.

I can ask for no more than this
Except for a glimpse of those whom I ever did kiss.

Finally at that last moment in time a voice very clear and plain
'Chuck we made a mistake;
You'll have to repeat this day; again; and again'

03-28-06 Aho Speaks.

by AHO Speaks

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