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Last Words
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Last Words

Poem By Janet White

If we had lived on that day long, long ago
When they crucified our Savior
And beat Him to and fro,
Do you suppose that you and I would have led Him
to that tree?
Do you suppose we'd of been a part of the
Would we have been in the crowd
That gathered at His feet
Would we have mocked and spat upon
His face and nail torn feet.
Would we have been there shouting in that
awful crowd.
Would we have been one of
those who placed Him in the shroud.
Would we have been one of
those who had Him crucified,
To place the crown of thorns upon His head
To pierce His wounded side?
Oh no, not I, we all say, just like Judas did.
And yet so often we forget as if we were a kid.
The son of Man, the blood He shed, the tears that He had cried.
The last words He said to the Father just before He died.
Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.
These are the words our Savior spoke,
He spoke, for me and you.

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