Last Year

Past Year

Saturday, December 30,2017
6: 42 AM

Year 2017 shall become past
But its memory shall last
For more days to come
We have sufered or enjoyed but still welcome

So many things shape our destiny
And it has become known to everybody
We feel proud at our achievements
And freely express before befriedns and relatives

I was informed about the Gold Medal Award
The Globbal Economic {rogress & Research Association put a word
I was nominated for this Indira Priydarshini Gandhi prestigeous citation
Thus March,2017 brought me a prideful event

December,2017 added another glory
Bharat ratna. Dr. Radhakrishan, Gold Medal was awarded
It was called as an indivdual achievement
I remained speechless and preferred to remain silent

Even though. I have made inroad
The poems are well read
I take pride in self satisfaction
As it gives me some sort of personal gratification

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Hasmukh Mehta so kind of u. i luke ur spirit 1 Manage Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry · Reply · 1m
Iwa Lewa Noble is your heart sire, warm and soothing is what your noble heart grants, and this heart so generous is found rare upon the earth surface. I reckon you of high integrity and respect. 1 Manage Like
Marvellous achievements! ! ! Supratik Sen, Dec 30,2017
Wow! Incredible achievements! Congratulations Hasmukhji and may you achieve many more laurels in the coming years. Annapurna Sharma, Dec 30,2017