Last Year She Said

Last year she said i have the ideal lover so handsome and caring and tall
Of all of the town's lucky young women i must be the luckiest of all
When in the park walking hand in hand together the love in my mind glowing bright
I am in love and feeling happy i feel i have met Mr Right

But a year in one's life can be a long time on looking back it can seem this way
And about the great love of her life she feels very different today
He left her in tears for another to raise their baby daughter on her own
And of the handsome young man that she had loved his real self she never had known

Love is not all sunshine and roses of this there can be little doubt
The man that she thought who had loved her without him she must live without
In truth he is a womanizer who to the higher form of love cannot be true
But there are so many men like him and this is to give them their due

He left her when she was quite pregnant and for himself found someone new
She just happened to be one of his lovers he is one who has had more than a few
Of women that he has made love to with their feeling like a toy he does play
And when children weary of their toys they break them or throw them away

By love she has been disappointed and the mental hurt of love with her remain
Her trust in men it is broken she well may never love again
But not all men are unfaithful though this she may never realize
Since people of love who have had a bad experience does often tend to generalize

Alone in the park pushing her baby's pram she looks for to say the least sad
She has known of love's joy and disappointment and happier days she has had
A years ago she was in love and quite happy but most things in life does not last
And there is much truth in the saying that we only can learn from the past.

by Francis Duggan

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worthwhile musings, Francis