There Shall Be More Joy...

The little angels of Heaven
Each wear a long white dress,
And in the tall arcadings
Play ball and play at chess;

With never a soil on their garments,
Not a sigh the whole day long,
Not a bitter note in their pleasure,
Not a bitter note in their song.

But they shall know keener pleasure,
And they shall know joy more rare—
Keener, keener pleasure
When you, my dear, come there.

. . . . .

The little angels of Heaven
Each wear a long white gown,
And they lean over the ramparts
Waiting and looking down.

by Ford Madox Ford

Comments (7)

very lovely... panay samit la natan ta nakal lay sakit
Beautifully done; I can relate to these feelings so very well. Sometimes in the late hours we release our pains or feel the serenity of the silence so deeply, that is touches our souls.
The silence transposed by you in a peaceful, harmonic 'late at night' atmosphere where heart can release all the pain and charge with positive thoughts for a new day..Cristina Teodor
i feel the same way hun... I can relate to this beautiful work of art 100%.
Your poem reminds me of how peaceful and fulfilling the late hours of the night can be. The emptying of frustrations and renewing sort of recharging our batteries. It is truly a friend to us and so valuable to have.......Thanks for telling it in your beautiful way................... Jim Troy
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